Returning to Medium: Hoping for nuanced dialogues and defining digital justice

Monica Sanders
2 min readJan 7

Both as founder of The Undivide Project and in my academic explorations, I decided it was time to revive my Medium page. By coming back to a space in Medium, I hope to facilitate more nuanced and in-depth discussions about digital and climate justice and to provide a platform for amplifying the voices of underserved communities.

Let’s face it, Twitter is a mess, if it were ever anything else. I will continue to provide short updates and promote certain initiatives on our social platforms. They are useful for quickly disseminating information, but often do not allow for the in-depth and nuanced discussions necessary to truly understand and address the complex issues of digital and climate justice. These issues are deeply interconnected and cannot be fully understood through short soundbites or hashtags.

One of the first topics I wanted to present here is a term many have heard me use in speeches and presentations — digital justice. If you haven’t heard of this before or only see a couple of references, that is because the concept as I use it comes from my work and lived experiences. I have defined digital justice as encompassing social justice, environmental justice, and climate justice. The digital divide disproportionately affects BIPOC communities, which often face bias, divestment, a lack of information, and a lack of key skills to navigate the increasingly digitized world. It is vital that we engage in discussions about how to bridge this divide and ensure that all communities have access to the resources and information they need not just to address the climate crisis, but to thrive.

You can also find more long-form content from me and The Undivide Project on our YouTube channel at That is where we will keep posting longer form videos and recordings of our live events and discussions. I invite you to join me in this conversation and to learn more about the important work of The Undivide Project.

Monica Sanders

Founder, The Undivide Project (; Activist-Scholar; Professor@Georgetown; Senior Fellow, Tulane Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy